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BlueStacks App player is an Android emulator which can be installed on a Windows or Mac system that allows you to emulate a android phone. BlueStacks App Player is one of the most popular Android emulators and is free to download and use. Using BlueStacks App Player, you can run almost any app or game available on the Play Store, without even having an Android device. Pretty cool !!!

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Why should Anyone Use BlueStacks App Player

Good question. If you don’t have an Android phone, and you really want to check out that awesome app or play that addictive game only available on Android, you can use BlueStacks App Player instead of buying a new Android device.

And for people who already have an Android device? You might want to play a game which is a huge download, and also needs a high end phone. Your Android phone might be out of storage, or your phone is a bit outdated, and doesn’t support this game, then BlueStacks App Player is your saviour.

The software gives you an Android emulator, which is almost as good as real, apart from being non-portable. It can run the latest graphic intensive games smoothly on your PC or Mac using it’s Layercake technology. And especially for playing action games, it is a lot more convenient playing with a keyboard and a mouse, and a larger screen instead of your small phone screen and touch controls. BlueStacks is the only emulator which is backed by Intel, Qualcomm, AMD and Samsung.

Let’s see how to get started with BlueStacks App Player.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks App Player For PC

Although the instructions are for installing it on a Windows system, you should be able to follow these steps to install it on a Mac. The installation is pretty easy, and takes about 5 minutes to complete. With a few clicks and a bit of typing, you would be up and running in no time at all. The download size of the latest version of the installer is 323 Mb.

Using BlueStacks App Player is also simple. It can be configured to use your primary Google account, so that your Google Play account is synced to your PC.

  1. Download the installer from BlueStacks website.
  2. Run the installer when the download completes. The installed will create shortcuts on your desktop and will also add a shortcut in your Programs menu.install bluestacks
  3. To launch BlueStacks App Player, click on the shortcut. If you are launching it for the first time, it will ask you to signup with your Google password.bluestacks connect google account
  4. Once you login with your Google account, the emulator will boot up and ask you to setup a Google account on the phone. Enter your email and password in the emulator and everything will be set up in a minute or two.bluestacks welcome message screenbluestacks screen
  5. After you have completed setting up the emulator, you can start using it as a real android phone (no calls or SMS though). It’s just an emulator, you can’t expect it to actually have everything a real phone has.
  6. You can start using the Play Store, download any app or game, install it and run it.

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BlueStacks App Player Features

  • You can easily switch between apps by using the tabbed interface, which is unique to BlueStacks.
  • Popular apps and games recommendations which you can download and play.
  • Chatting with other BlueStacks users while playing a game.
  • View live streams of other players.
  • Strating a live stream which others can watch.
  • You can also manually set your device’s location to any desired location. This is particularly helpful for games or apps which need your location to run.

BlueStacks App Player: Is It Worth?

Download and installation is pretty easy and takes no time at all. You would be up and running in no time.

The BlueStacks App player is very useful sometimes when you just don’t want to fill up your phone’s memory with a big game. Playing a game with a keyboard and a mouse is altogether a different experience, and you would probably perform better as compared to playing on a touch screen. The experience is seamless since you can start off right where you were on your other devices. All games or apps can be signed up using your primary email or Facebook account so that everything is synced between your PC and your phones.

You don’t have to worry about your battery. If you are playing a game for hours together, you will eventually end up trying to find a charging point. Moreover, phones running CPU intensive games tend to become quite hot. You can easily get rid of this problem if you use BlueStacks App Player.

For all these reasons, we think you should definitely try out BlueStacks App Player. Being backed by industry stalwarts, you can be rest assured that the emulator is reliable, fast and gives you an enriched experience, especially while playing games.