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Let your kids build their own routines and schedules to practice time management
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Timo - Kids Routine & Schedule with Visual Timer APK Description

Timo is an all-in-one application that lets your kids decide and manage their routines, schedules, to-do’s, and reminders! Timo has preset 65 tasks and activities your kids will have to manage in their everyday life. When completed those tasks in time, Timo will reward your kid with stars which she or he can use at Timo’s character shop. Timo will also provide weekly reports on how many stars your kid have earned that week. Timo will help your kid be motivated to build healthy habits and learn how to manage time wisely.

Building routine is one great way to start to practicing time management! When your kid accomplishes the first task of the day, it will motivate and encourage them to complete the rest of the tasks in the routine. Most importantly, having a routine will make your kid’s life stressless because it will save time and energy to think what is to be done next in the busy morning or before going to bed.

Put your kid in charge of their own work and time. Start by asking them to manage just the first five tasks. You may help them only when she or he asks for it. Gradually increase the number of tasks as your kid gets used to managing her or his own tasks. Use Timo as a motivation tool to raise your kid into an independent child. You will be surprised by how wonderful your little one can be!

Let your kid organize their morning. Teach her or him how to set up schedules. Your little one can plan and perform their tasks such as making the bed, cuddling, going potty, washing hands, having breakfast, brushing teeth, washing face, getting dressed, combing hair, packing a backpack, packing lunch and a water bottle, putting on a jacket and shoes on, getting in the car and many more!

Let your kid plan her or his own afternoon schedule after coming back home from from school! Watch your kids washing hands, having snacks, doing homework, playing outside, cleaning up toys, writing, and setting the timer for games and TV and other things, all by themselves!

Ask your little one to help mom and dad in the evening: setting the table, having dinner, putting dishes away, cleaning the table, and many more! Teach your kid that the little one is part of the family and enjoy together!

Plan your kid’s own bedtime ritual such as taking bath, changing for bed, drinking water, going potty, washing hands and reading before going to bed! With a comfortable bedtime routine, your kiddo will sleep better and wake up with tons of energy! We recommend to have your little one have a bedtime routine before the morning one.

You and your little one can allocate 5 to 60 minutes per task on Timo’s visual timer and it will visually tell your kid how much time she or he has left. A 10-second-countdown will start before the time runs out as a visual and sensorial cue to finish their task in time.

Timo is mainly for a child between the age of three and eight; however if your little one love to do things on her own, then she’s ready to be a friend with Timo! Timo is also happy to make friends with kids with special needs – such as ADHD, and adult, too. If you find yourself needing some help build your own new routine, Timo welcomes you as a friend!

Montessori believes in raising a child into an independent person and we developed Timo based on such a philosophy. When kids have a right tool in their hands, they will be blooming by themselves! Please always remember that you are the best teacher for your child. When you respect your kid’s time, they will learn to respect yours, too.

We'd love to learn your experience with TIMO! Please share with us how Timo has improved your kid’s life and how it helped you reach your parenting goals! Send email to [email protected]

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