EAT works outside of UNCLE HUNGER'S evil system of NASTY CAPITALISM.
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About EAT For PC

Free download EAT: THE REVOLUTION for PC Windows or MAC from BrowserCam. Crows Crows Crows published EAT: THE REVOLUTION for Android operating system(os) mobile devices. However if you ever wanted to run EAT: THE REVOLUTION on Windows PC or MAC you can do so using Android emulator. At the end of this article you will find our how-to steps which you can follow to install and run EAT: THE REVOLUTION on PC or MAC.

There are amazing games that come out constantly in the app stores. But what we really look forward to are those quirky and out-of-the-box games. Those games that we often think, “how did someone come up with this?” We’ve reviewed another spectacular game that’s not only quirky and weird but it’s so good to play. They call it “Eat: The Revolution”.

Eat: The Revolution’s Gameplay

The game is quite freaky. When you start playing it, you see a black screen and some food items on the screen. It could be a slice of orange, bell pepper, or even just a piece of steak. It usually starts with some normal food items. You can start chomping away by clicking on the screen. You see apples, oranges, and so many edible things. 

However, you notice that as you progress through the game, they start introducing quirky objects to eat. You find yourself looking at a porcelain baby head, a leaf with pills, a raw steak, and so on. This might sound freaky and scary but it’s quite fun to tap tap away on the game. 

Encouraging Messages

You’ll also be introduced to a new sort of messaging where you’ll see Uncle Hunger. The game keeps reinforcing messages like, Uncle Hunger is hungry or that Uncle Hunger wants more. It gets interesting because you try to sort of stop but the game is addictive in its own sense. 

If you’re someone who loved freaky and weird games that have an edge to the whole thing, then this game is definitely for you. It almost takes you on a chomping journey while you try out the most unimaginable things. 

Realistic Chomping

The sounds or the graphics i.e., the teeth marks or the bites look realistic. The graphics look so life-like, it’s almost like you’ve been eating the whole thing. It’s quite impressive how they’ve worked the whole mechanism together. The food items also have a distinctive chomping noise that varies from one to another. 

When we played this game, we didn’t know that it’ll be this interesting. But, as we kept playing it, we loved how it was not only difficult but it was impressive and amazing. We loved how the game takes you to another world where it’s all about chomping quirky foods. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked for sure.

Let's find out the prerequisites to install EAT: THE REVOLUTION on Windows PC or MAC without much delay.

Select an Android emulator: There are many free and paid Android emulators available for PC and MAC, few of the popular ones are Bluestacks, Andy OS, Nox, MeMu and there are more you can find from Google.

Compatibility: Before downloading them take a look at the minimum system requirements to install the emulator on your PC.

For example, BlueStacks requires OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only), Mac OS Sierra(10.12), High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave(10.14), 2-4GB of RAM, 4GB of disk space for storing Android apps/games, updated graphics drivers.

Finally, download and install the emulator which will work well with your PC's hardware/software.

How to Download and Install EAT: THE REVOLUTION for PC or MAC:

  • Open the emulator software from the start menu or desktop shortcut in your PC.
  • You will be asked to login into Google account to be able to install apps from Google Play.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to search for EAT: THE REVOLUTION and clicking on the ‘Install’ button should install the app inside the emulator.
  • In case EAT: THE REVOLUTION is not found in Google Play, you can download EAT: THE REVOLUTION APK file from this page and double clicking on the APK should open the emulator to install the app automatically.
  • You will see the EAT: THE REVOLUTION icon inside the emulator, double clicking on it should run EAT: THE REVOLUTION on PC or MAC with a big screen.

Follow above steps regardless of which emulator you have installed.

Download EAT For PC