Akinator for PC

Akinator can read your mind and tell you what character you are thinking about!
Published by  Elokence
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About Akinator For PC

Download Akinator The Genie for PC free at BrowserCam. Learn to download and install Akinator The Genie for PC (Windows) which is developed by Elokence. There are a couple of key points below that you must keep in mind before you can start to download Akinator The Genie for PC.

Akinator the Genie is an interesting and entertaining app that tries to read your mind. Sounds creepy? Well, there's no magic or voodoo here, but it surely feels like it. The app tries to guess who you are thinking of. It could be a fictional character or a celebrity or well-known person.

Akinator the Genie will ask you questions which you should answer for it to be able to guess what's going on your mind correctly. Each question has several options that you must select. And almost all the time, Akinator will be finally able to guess the personality correctly. Mind-boggling? It might look as if Akinator is actually reading your mind. On the contrary, it just uses a large algorithm and a huge database of questions cleverly selected to arrive at the prediction. If you had that computing power, you would also certainly be able to be Akinator yourself.

Nevertheless, AKinator the Genie would surely amaze you with its accuracy. The number of questions that it needs to arrive at the result varies. 90% of the times Akinator's guess is spot on. When you think of someone who the app cannot guess, you are rewarded with gold or platinum award. This is quite a clever idea which makes improves and adds on to the app's database.

Akinator the Genie is available for free although it is supported by ads and in-app purchases. The frequency of the ads is a bit irritating though. After every reveal, you get to see an ad. Although we do understand the need for a way to be monetized, Akinator is probably a bit aggressive on this front. The app is surely quite addictive. No one is probably going to be happy when a mere app challenges their minds. You keep playing in the attempt to win, but soon you will realize that Akinator can, most of the times, even guess the weirdest of creepiest characters that you can think of. Till you don't give up, you would want to keep playing more and more. Once you realize that you would not be able to beat the genie, that's where you would lose interest in the game.

Overall, the app is a great and unique concept and is an instant hit among the users that have never used it before. The interface is quite easy to understand and control. A mind-reading app such as Akinator the Genie can also be the talking point in a party or get together. You can show it off to your friends and look at their expressions when they fail to beat the genie. You could also try out Magic Crystal Ball by Babybus or Lie Detector Voice.

How to Install Akinator The Genie for PC or MAC:

1. Download BlueStacks free Android emulator for PC from the download option presented on this page.

2. As soon as the download process completes, click on the installer to get started with the installation process.

3. Go ahead with the basic installation steps by clicking on "Next" for a couple of times.

4. You may notice the "Install" button on the screen, just click on it to start the final installation process and then click "Finish" soon after it’s done to complete the installation.

5. Finally, either through the Windows start menu or maybe from the desktop shortcut, launch BlueStacks app.

6. If it is the first time you are using BlueStacks Android emulator you need to link your Google account to the emulator.

7. Congrats! It’s now easy to install Akinator The Genie for PC by using BlueStacks App Player either by locating Akinator The Genie app on the Google Play Store page or by using the apk file.

If you have installed the Android emulator, it’s also possible to use the APK file to install Akinator The Genie for PC either by clicking on the apk or by launching it via BlueStacks software. If you would like to use Andy emulator instead of BlueStacks or if you choose to install free Akinator The Genie for MAC, you may still stick to the above points.