IPC360 for PC

IPC360 is a family-oriented panoramic camera mobile platform applications.
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  • The IPC360 is an Android app designed to stream live video feed from an IP360 camera.
  • The app allows viewing in Full High Definition (FHD) or High Definition (HD) to capture detailed aspects of the video feed.
  • IPC360 supports a 360 Panoramic View feature enabling users to view all angles of the camera's surrounding by simply rotating the camera view via the app.
  • It includes a Motion Detection function that alerts the user by notification if any motion is detected within the camera’s field of view.
  • The app facilitates Two Way Communication using the IP360 camera's built-in mic and speaker for talking to someone near the camera.
IPC360 for PC

About IPC360 For PC

Free Download IPC360 for PC with the tutorial at BrowserCam. Though IPC360 application is launched just for Google's Android as well as iOS by undefined. you could install IPC360 on PC for MAC computer. You'll find couple of fundamental guidelines below that you need to keep in mind before starting to download IPC360 PC.

The IPC360 is an Android app that is built to work with the camera named IP360. This app provides a user interface with which you can stream live video from the camera at the ease of your time and location. The camera itself is a wide angle camera that captures 360 degree video of a space its installed in. With the help of this app, you can see the panoramic video footage from the camera in simple steps. The camera has a speaker too, so if as a user, if you want to speak to someone available at the camera, you can do just that with the wouch of a button. You can also tilt your phone left or right inorder to get the surrounding views without even touching your phone’s screen. IPC360 app lets you watch live videos in full HD quality so that you never miss any detail. The app also has a function to play recorded videos from the past.

Here are the functions available with the IP360 Android app which makes it a gread buddy to the IP360 camera.

FHD / HD video view: Watch live video feed from the IP360 camera in Full High Definition or High Definition quality. This lets you capture fine details of the video feed even if you want to zoom in to any specific frame.

360 Panoramic View: The wide angle lense of the IP360 camera provides a panoramic view of the area it’s kept in. With this app, you can view each and every angle of the view pretty easily. Simply tap and rotate the camera view from the app to change and watch the desired view. If your Android device has Gyroscope feature, you can even tilt your phone left or right to rotate the view in the respective direction.

Motion Detection: The app comes with a motion detection algorithm which notifies you whenever it detects any motion in the camera view. You get the notification right on your device so that you can instantly watch out for suspicious activities.

Two Way Communication: The IP360 camera is loaded with a mic and a speaker. Not only you can hear what’s happening on the camera, you can easily speak to someone who’s near the camera through your device’s microphone.

Adaptive Streaming: The app detects the network conditions on your Android device and optimizes the video streaming quality according to it so that you get uninterrupted streaming.

how to install IPC360 on PC

How to Install IPC360 for PC or MAC:

  • Get started in downloading BlueStacks emulator for your PC.
  • Immediately after the installer completes downloading, double-click on it to start the install process.
  • Within the installation process click on "Next" for the first two steps once you see the options on the monitor.
  • Within the last step click the "Install" option to start off the install process and click "Finish" whenever its finally over.For the last and final step click on "Install" to get started with the actual installation process and you'll be able to click "Finish" in order to finish the installation.
  • Within the windows start menu or maybe desktop shortcut begin BlueStacks app.
  • Connect a Google account by signing in, which might take couple of minutes.
  • Congrats! You can now install IPC360 for PC using BlueStacks app either by looking for IPC360 application in google playstore page or through the use of apk file.It's time to install IPC360 for PC by visiting the google playstore page after you successfully installed BlueStacks Android emulator on your computer.

run IPC360 on PC