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The best parkour-inspired action game! Vector lets you break free and run!
Published by  NEKKI
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About Vector For PC

BrowserCam provides you with Vector for PC (Windows) download for free. Find out how to download as well as install Vector on PC (Windows) developed by Nekki. You will find a couple of important and vital steps listed below that you should keep in mind before you begin to download Vector for PC.

Vector is a fun arcade game where you play the role of a bored office employee living in a world controlled by your boss through mind-control. While you try to escape the shackles, you are chased by the security personnel to bring you back.

The game has several levels, and your objective is to complete each level without getting caught and proceed to the next level. To do this, you have to master all the moves that are available in the game, such as jumping over obstacles, sliding and breaking your fall after a large jump.

All your moves are controlled by swipes or touches. The moves and controls are context-sensitive, so you have to remember all the controls since you have very less time to make your moves. However, the game progresses with increasing levels of difficulty and introduces a new move in each level. The initial levels are more like training levels where you get to learn all the moves one by one. Unlocking moves require cash which you can keep collecting along your way. You can also buy in-game cash by spending real money through in-app purchases.

Visually, Vector is appealing and is a treat for your eyes. With stunning graphics and 3D effects, the game is quite an entertainer. The animations are smooth and the gameplay is impressive. The scenes and environments are equally awesome with smooth camera transitions while you are running.

Making wrong moves lets your pursuer catch you. You will need to start the level again when you are caught.

Although the game is available for free, it is supported by ads. There's the option of spending some hard cash to buy in-game cash that helps you unlock various moves. If you don't want to spend any money, you can keep playing the levels again and again in an attempt to accrue enough cash to unlock new moves. With over 100 moves at your disposal, the game has a lot to offer. You can easily complete the full game in a matter of few hours. But be rest assured that these few hours will be fun and entertaining. Although the idea is not novel, the execution and implementation are impressive, and you will be tempted to play again and again, even if you have completed all the levels. It's definitely worth the try.

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How to Download Vector for PC:

1. Download BlueStacks for PC from the download link available at the beginning of this page.

2. When your download process is finished double click the installer to begin the installation process.

3. Go on with all the easy to understand installation steps by clicking "Next" for a couple of times.

4. When you notice "Install" on screen, click on it to begin the last step in the installation process and click on "Finish" after its completed.

5. From your Windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut begin BlueStacks emulator.

6. Because this is your first time working with BlueStacks app you’ll have to setup your Google account with the emulator.

7. Good job! It’s now simple to install Vector for PC using BlueStacks app either by locating Vector app in the Google Play Store app or by using the apk file.

Even if you do not find the Vector app on Google Play Store, you may still download the APK from this site and install the app. One might go through above same procedure even if you want to select Andy OS emulator or if you plan to choose free download and install Vector for MAC.