Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free for PC

Blast & shoot the bubbles to rescue baby pandas! Complete the puzzles to win!
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ABOUT Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free FOR PC

BrowserCam offers Panda Pop for PC (MAC) download for free. Even though Panda Pop app is built for Android OS and iOS by Sgn, it is easy to install Panda Pop on PC for windows computer. Ever wondered what is the best way to download Panda Pop for PC? Don’t worry, we are going to break it down for you into simple steps.

Panda Pop is an enjoyable and entertaining bubble-popping game which can get quite addictive with its fun and immersive gameplay. You play as the mother panda, who needs to rescue the cute baby pandas who are trapped in colored bubbles. It has over 1800 fun-filled levels and a lot more content to explore. Kids will surely love this game.

You have to plan your throws and pops very carefully. When 3 colored bubbles are popped, a baby panda is released. The mother panda has 5 lives for each level. Bubbles are limited, and if you use up all of them, a life is wasted. You have to complete each level within these 5 lives, although you can buy extra lives through in-app purchases.

As the mama panda, you get hold of colored bubbles and target it and shoot it towards the right colored bubble. When 3 colored bubbles line up, the bubbles burst and if a baby panda is trapped within these, the baby panda will be freed. You also get 4 latterns which can help you in tricky situations. As you pop colored bubbles, the corresponding latterns fill up. There are various boosts that can be generated by combining these latterns.

Panda Pop is available to download for free. It is supported by ads and in-app purchases. Panda Pop is easy to play, although the levels can be tricky at times. Panda Pop can also be connected to your Facebook profile and you can view how your friends are doing. You can compete against them. The graphics and animations are spot-on, characters are well-designed and the sound effects, giving you a very entertaining bubble-popping game.

Although a late-comer, Panda Pop is still a great bubble-popping game among the lot. The whole theme is designed for kids and toddlers. The characters are lovable, funny, and cute. You should definitely try it out. Other similar games like Panda Pop which you might want to try out are Bubble Bird Rescue, Shoot Bubble Deluxe, and Bubble Journey.

How to Install Panda Pop for PC:

1. Get started by downloading BlueStacks Android emulator for the PC.

2. Once the download process is finished, open the file to get started with the installation process.

3. Go through the first 2 steps and click "Next" to begin the last step in setup.

4. On the final step click on the "Install" option to start the installation process and click "Finish" when its finally over.

5. With the Windows start menu or the desktop shortcut, launch BlueStacks app.

6. As this is your first time working with BlueStacks App Player you must link your Google account with the emulator.

7. Lastly, you’ll be able to open Google Play Store app where you can search for Panda Pop app using the search bar and then install Panda Pop for PC or Computer.

Even if you don’t find the Panda Pop app on the Play Store, you can still freely download the APK from this webpage and install the app. You can proceed with the above steps even if you want to pick Andy emulator or if you are planning to select free install Panda Pop for MAC.

DOWNLOAD Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free FOR PC

In this download section you can either just download the Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free APK or download the recommended Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free FOR PC bundle which comes with the APK file as well as Bluestacks app player. After installing the blustacks you will be promopted with the Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free google play pop up, click on install which installs Panda Pop - Bubble Shooter Game. Blast, Shoot Free in few minutes.

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