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How long can you last in the rails? Find out, by downloading Rail Rush now!
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About Rail Rush For PC

BrowserCam introduces Rail Rush for PC (computer) free download. Discover how to download and also install Rail Rush for PC (Windows) developed by Miniclip.com. You’ll find some important guidelines listed below which will help you to download Rail Rush for PC.

Rail Rush is a yet endless-runner arcade game similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers. If you are a fan of such games, Rail Rush provides you the same experience, but with a different setting. Rail Rush takes you to an underground mine gold, lava, and three sets of tracks.

The game starts with you being dropped on a freely running cart on its track. You get clues about different types of controls that are needed for the game as and when they are needed, through on-screen tips and messages. The controls are the same: swiping for jumping and ducking from the obstacles. Tilting allows you to dodge left and right to avoid getting hit by blockades. You can change tracks by flicking left or right. Along the run, you need to collect gold and gemstones to score a perfect trip along the mine.

There are several upgrades that you can buy by spending your gold and gemstones. If you run short of these, you can always buy them through in-app purchases. There are specific characters with specific powers which you can choose for a particular level or track. Axel Firechief has an axe to break incoming obstacles, while Daryl Plankbuster and Charles Longshot can shoot obstacles on your left or right flanks.

There's a lot of variety when it comes to missions, both in difficulty and types of obstacles. There are basically 3 different types of missions. When you complete a mission, you get to move on to the next one, which is a bit more difficult than the last one.

Rail Rush has impressive visuals and breathtaking environments, although most of the time you will be concentrating on the obstacles. Your cart passes through a mine shaft, underground river, catacomb, mushroom hall, and spider's nest, each having their own set of environment and background music. For each of the tracks, the start is quite easy to cross, but the later part of the tracks are quite tough and keeps you on your toes. We found Rail Rush to be quite addictive and engaging in its gameplay. It's definitely worth the try.

How to Install Rail Rush for PC or MAC:

1. First of all, it’s important to download either Andy android emulator or BlueStacks on your PC, both available for free, from the download link displayed on the start of this web page.

2. Soon after the installer finishes downloading, double-click on it to get started with the setup process.

3. Continue with the straightforward installation steps by clicking "Next" for multiple times.

4. On the final step choose the "Install" choice to get started with the installation process and then click "Finish" once it is done.

5. Open BlueStacks Android emulator from the Windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut.

6. Add a Google account just by signing in, that may take a short while.

7. Congratulations! You can now install Rail Rush for PC using BlueStacks emulator either by searching Rail Rush app in the Google Play Store app or by using the apk file.

You can actually install Rail Rush for PC by using the apk file if you can’t find the app on Google Play Store by simply clicking on the apk file. BlueStacks Android emulator will install the app. If you prefer to go with Andy OS to free download Rail Rush for Mac, you can still follow the same exact steps mentioned above.