Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom for PC

Ready, set, RUN!
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About Sonic Dash 2 For PC

Download Free Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom for PC using this tutorial at BrowserCam. Sega developed and produced Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom app for Android OS along with iOS but the truth is that you can also install Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom for PC or MAC. Let's go through a few important points which will help you to download Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom PC on Windows or MAC computer without much hassle.

Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom is an endless runner game from Sega, a sequel to Sonic Dash from the same developers. It features new and amazing 3D worlds, challenges and gameplay, although not very different from the original. Sonic is a hedgehog, who keeps running, and your objective is to help him avoid obstacles, enemies, falling off cliffs and at the same time collecting coins and power-ups. This is just like any other running game available out there, and nothing is quite unique about the game. It's all about swiping, jumping, rolling and dodging from your enemies, but at seemingly faster speeds.

The gameplay might be a bit tricky if you are too used to Temple Run or Subway Surfers, but the touch response is quick. Coins, power-ups and 3-lane course all sound too familiar though. There are no stages or levels and the only motivation seems to be to score better than your friends and climb to the top of the leaderboards. You can race up to 3 characters in the new Team Play mode. There are new special powers to use like Sonic's Dash Ring Magnet, Knuckle's Slam, Amy's Ring Hammer, and more. You have to get used to the new swing and tilt gameplay with the super-charged Enerbeam, which might be a little difficult to use in the beginning.

Although the game is free to play, Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom tries to sell you stuff. Missing a jump immediately prompts you to spend some real cash through in-app purchases if you want to continue running from the point where you left off. There are a few optional challenges where you can collect red rings for revivals without spending any money, but it takes a lot of time and effort. If you are really glued to the game, you might be tempted to make these purchases.

Graphics and animations are decent, and gameplay is simple and straightforward. The game may be a bit difficult to master, mainly because it tries to sell you stuff quite aggressively. Sound effects are impressive, but they don't add much value to the addictive quotient of the game.

Gameplay is more or less boring especially if you have already played such games before. Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom heavily focuses on monetization. Although this is perfectly acceptable, the lack of uniqueness and variety doesn't convince the players easily to spend their hard earned money on such time-killer games.

Sonic Dash would have been a great game if the marketplace weren't already crowded by similar ones. It just lacks originality and therefore fails to excite people and compel them to spend loads of money on items which Sega wants to sell.

How to Install Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom for PC or MAC:

1. Get started by downloading BlueStacks emulator on your PC.

2. Soon after the installer finishes downloading, double-click on it to get started with the installation process.

3. Go through the first couple of steps and then click "Next" to proceed to the third step of the installation.

4. If you notice "Install" option on the display, simply click on it to start the last installation process and then click "Finish" soon after it is done.

5. From the Windows start menu or alternatively, the desktop shortcut, launch BlueStacks emulator.

6. Add a Google account by signing in, which might take a few minutes.

7. Good job! You are now ready to install Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom for PC with BlueStacks App Player either by searching for Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom app on the Google Play Store app or simply by using apk file.

When you finally install the Android emulator, it’s also possible to utilize the APK file if you want to install Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom for PC either by clicking on the apk or by launching it via BlueStacks emulator. You can also continue with the above process even if you wish to pick Andy OS emulator or if you want to opt for free download and install Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom for MAC.