ZigZag for PC

Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!
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Download Zigzag for PC free at BrowserCam. Discover how to download as well as install Zigzag on PC (Windows) which is designed by Ketchapp. Ever thought how one you download Zigzag for PC without much effort? No worries, we’ll break it down for you into easy to follow steps.

ZigZag is a classic arcade game but with a modern touch. Zigzap makes for a frustratingly fun experience that is quite an enjoyable time killer. The game is as simplistic as possible — players only need to tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. With no tutorial or instructions, it can be tough in the beginning. However, it is not difficult to grasp what the objective is — move a ball along a zigzag path.

You must proceed carefully, as one wrong move or failed turn will lead the ball off the course; there’s no coming back in ZigZag. Instead, players will have to start all over in hopes of going farther next time. It is much like a well-known carnival game in which players must use a steering wheel to direct a ball down a path in order to win a prize.

The path is randomly generated and will be different with each attempt. To add flair, it changes colors, but this can also make navigating the ball more difficult. As the path zigs and zags quicker with tight turns, it can be tough to maintain your concentration as the main path blends in with the base. Part of what makes ZigZag unique is how the brain perceives the winding path. At times, it can look like an eternally sloping stairway to nowhere, but if the brain sees it from a three-dimensional view, it is just a square sidewalk. This, of course, doesn’t change gameplay.

Simplicity and minimalism is a constant theme throughout ZigZag, and not just with the visuals. Unfortunately, there's not much variety except the objective of beating your own high score. There is a shop from which players can purchase different colored balls for 100 currency each, but putting them to use does nothing to impact fundamental gameplay.

Connecting to a Play Games account will allow players to view the leaderboard and unlock achievements. However, the limited achievements are not enough to keep you glued to the game.  The game was not created to give players a complex experience, but rather a simple mobile gaming experience. And it does this well. Anybody can pick up and play ZigZag within a matter of seconds. We hope a few new achievements and more varied unlockables would make ZigZag a better game where users are rewarded for their performances. Overall, it's a fun and enjoyable game which doesn't require complex strategies or mastery of the controls. You could also try out Geometry Dash Meltdown or Disney Crossy Road if you like to play some more arcade style games on your smartphones.

How to Download Zigzag for PC:

1. Begin by downloading BlueStacks for PC.

2. After the installer finishes downloading, click on it to start the installation process.

3. During the installation process click "Next" for the initial two steps right after you see the options on the screen.

4. On the very last step select the "Install" option to start the installation process and click "Finish" whenever it is over.

5. From within your Windows start menu or from the desktop shortcut, open up BlueStacks emulator.

6. Before you can install Zigzag for PC, you will have to assign BlueStacks Android emulator to a Google account.

7. Good job! You should now be able to install Zigzag for PC with the BlueStacks app either by searching for Zigzag app on the Google Play Store app or by using the Android application package file.

You can easily install Zigzag for PC using the Android application package file if you don’t find the app on the Google Play Store by simply clicking on the Android application package file. BlueStacks Android emulator will install the app. If you want to use Andy emulator as a substitute to BlueStacks or if you wish to download free Zigzag for MAC, you could still continue with the same exact steps.